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Garware Club House GCH Premier League

GARWARE CLUB HOUSE presents first ever GCH Super League’22 for Members of the Club House only

Garware Club House – one of the most iconic & reputed sports Clubs in Mumbai is soon going to come up with one of the most premium T20 Leather Ball Tournaments in Mumbai. The GCH Super League is set to be one of the biggest and professionally managed T20 Tournaments in the coming season in Mumbai Cricket.

This tournament is where a lot of talented players (amongst Members of the Club House) at grass root level will get a platform to play some serious cricket! Over 200 talented Club House Cricketers will participate in this marquee tournament which will be conducted in line with IPL Format. There will be a total of 19 matches which will be played amongst the Teams comprising of Club House Members, while the official team franchises, their names and logos, the squads and selection of
teams everything will be unveiled soon!

Garware Club House is putting a lot of emphasis to reach highest Level from existing ‘G’ Division of Kanga League Cricket Tournament organised by Mumbai Cricket Association and with a tournament like this, their intention being to provide the much needed platform, so the talented cricketers can go on to play State Level Cricket. Also if anything is to go by, this is just the beginning as Garware Club House will be coming up with many more Tournaments across different formats.

For organising this Tournament on a large scale, the credit goes to our Hon. President, Hon’ble Shri Sharad Pawar, Hon. Vice-President Shri Raj K. Purohit, Hon. Treasurer, Shri Manish K. Ajmera, Chairman Shri Nitin Dalal of Cricket & Sports Advisory Committee, Members of the Managing Committee and Cricket & Sports Advisory Committee, who all are in sync with a vision to improve the quality of Cricket in Mumbai and also increase the opportunities where players can express their talents.

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