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Ignite Pace Like Fire Fast Bowling Camp

Ignite Fast Bowling Camp for U14 & U16 Cricketers | Ankit Tivrekar

Ankit Tivrekar, a High performance Coach specialising in speed and power development is organising an intriguing fast bowling camp for the U-14 age group. He is affiliated with Steffan Jones, the High Performance Fast Bowling Coach for Rajasthan Royals and the founder of PaceLab, whose unique training techniques and understanding of the science behind fast bowling is world-renowned.

Through his learnings from the PaceLab principles, Ankit Tivrekar has helped numerous pacers reach new heights. Some of those who have shone brightly under his guidance include Mumbai cricketers Prince Badiani, Zaid Patankar, Atharva Poojari Harsh Mendon Ayush Vartak and Parth Phatak.

Building a good foundation during a fast bowler’s initial stages is immensely important as it can provide a budding pacer the right means to reach his/her true potential. That is what makes this 3-day progression camp a golden opportunity for all U-14 fast bowlers.

What does the 3-day camp cover?

  • Analysis of each individual’s bowling action to determine dominance according to Pacelab principles.
  • Practical explanation and demonstration of drills and sequences for enhancement of bowling mechanics.
  • Development of running mechanics.
  • Understanding how to make changes in training patterns during different parts of a cricketing season.
  • Fast bowling workbook for the next 365 days with a complete roadmap and training structure.
  • Mentorship by experts for performance Nutrition and Mental Conditioning.

The dates and registration links will be provided soon. Stay tuned on Sportsnext for further details.

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