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BNI Sunshine Premier League an event of teambuilding and networking through sports

BNI Sunshine Premier League an event of teambuilding and networking through sports

What is BNI? BNI stands for Business Networking International. It’s the world’s leading business referral organisation with over 314,000 members in 11,092 chapters worldwide.

BNI Sunshine is a member of the South Bombay chapter of BNI.

On 25th May, Saturday BNI organised their event Sunshine Premier League at Dadar’s Astro Park, Salvation High School’s Turf. This was the 5th season of the Sunshine Premier League. This was a one-day cricket tournament organised by BNI Sunshine. Various businessmen and businesswomen from different fields who are part of BNI Sunshine participated in this cricket event.

The idea of this event was to build a strong bond and team spirit between the members of the organizations, if you want to do business you have to know their mindset and temperament and by playing or spending time with each other you get to know the person well. The main idea of BNI is to build the business network across Mumbai. It was founded in 2017. Networking is an integral part be it in any field you must build contacts with other people to trust you and your skillsets.

The basic mantra of Sunshine Premier League is more bonding is equivalent to more business.

Talking about the event total 4 teams participated at the Sunshine Premier League, KD’s Royal Challengers, Kaka’s Paltan, Royal Super Kings and Jai Gajanan Associates. Auction was organised for this event to select the teams. The owners of the four teams had a purse of 5,00,000 pts

Mrs. Avani Thakker was the owner of KD’s Royal Challengers, Vismay Choksi was the most expensive player with a price tag of 3,15,000 pts along with Aditya Mehta and Nikhil Dubaria who were sold for 2,65,000 pts & 2,10,000 pts respectively. Mr. Kamlesh Jain was the owner of Kaka’s Paltan. Royal Super Kings was owned by Mr. Yusuf Zariwala while Jai Gajanan Associates was owned by Mr. Sanjay Shinde.

Six league games were played between the four teams participating in a round robin format. Each teams had 3 matches to play, and 8 overs a side game. Team losing all the three games was automatically eliminated from the tournament. Royal Super Kings lost their all three league games and found themselves at the last position.

On the other hand, Jai Gajanan Associates won all their three matches and secured their place in the finals. KD’s Royal Challengers lost their first game but won the remaining two games thus securing their place into the finals of the Sunshine Premier League alongside Jai Gajanan Associates.

Royal Super Kings and Kaka’s Paltan fought for the third place, but Kaka’s Paltan emerged victorious and won the game by 64 runs.

The final of the Sunshine Premier League season 5 was played between Jai Gajanan Associates and KD’s Royal Challengers, the first match of the league stage was also played between them and now the finals. At both the occasions Jai Gajanan Associates emerged victorious and they were only unbeaten side in the tournament. Jai Gajanan Associates elected to bat first and put a target of 120 on the board in 8 overs. Kunjal was the highest scorer of the match as he played an amazing knock of 50 runs in 17 deliveries. KD’s Royal Challengers failed to chase the target and scored only 81 off 7 overs by losing 7 wickets.

Jai Gajanan Associates won the game by 38 runs. This was the best season of the Sunshine Premier League, and we might see the rise of few more teams from next season onwards. Till then we are signing off from the event.

Also here is the list of the Individual Award Winners who shined brightly throughout the Tournament.
Man of the match
Match 1:- Kunjal Trivedi
(Jai Gajanan associates)
Match 2:- Ashutosh Jain
(Kakas Paltan)
Match 3:- Vismay Choksi
(Royal challengers)
Match 4:- Nikhil Mukeshbhai Dubaria
(Jai Gajanan associates)
Match 5:- Harshit gala
(KD’s royal challengers)
Match 6:- Nikhil Mukeshbhai Dubaria
(Jai Gajanan associates)
Match 7:- Ashutosh Jain
(Kakas Paltan)
Match 8:-(Final) Kunjal Trivedi
(Jai Gajanan associates)

Man of the series – Nikhil Dubaria
Best batsman – Nikhil Dubaria
Best bowler – Kunjal Trivedi
Best fielder – Ashutosh Jain
Female Player of the Series – Radhika Shah

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