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Updates from Goldmedal Cup LESG Turf Cricket Tournament’23

Goldmedal Cup 2023 i.e the LESG Turf Cricket Tournament was conducted with huge fanfare at Kabra Agro Farms in Virar across 3 days. A total of 24 teams took on each other to become the champions of the coveted Goldmedal LESG Trophy. The 3 days was a complete fest and the atmosphere was lit with some nail biting matches, intense competition, amazing individual performances coupled with professional cheerleaders, anchors, professional commentators, DJ, live streaming and live scoring making it a one of a its kind world class experience.

The 3 days extravaganza witnessed great fun and camaraderie as bigwigs and businessman across the entire lighting and electricals industry came under one roof to celebrate brotherhood and internal bonding. We at sportsnextindia are proud to be associated with LESG as event execution partners and look forward for a long lasting relationship with these amazing group of individuals from LESG community.

Even though every team gave their best but it was eventually Radar Riders who emerged victorious to become the ultimate Champions of Goldmedal Cup while Reon Red Rangers ended up being the Runners Up in the tournament reaching till the finals. Below are some crucial statistics.

Lightning and Electrical Sports Group LESG


Top 5 Run Getters:

Riyaz Malik (Molt Lights) – 130 runs in 6 matches

Raj Mehta (Light & Lights) – 121 runs in 4 matches

Vrushabh Vanigota (Applelite) – 111 runs in 6 matches

Jayesh Bansode (Molt Lights) – 108 runs in 6 matches

Mahendra Kothari (Jukega Nahi Sala) – 104 runs in 3 matches


Best Batting Strike Rate –

Preet Jain (Rangelite Warriors) – S.R of 311.76

Gaurav Mehta (Radar Riders) – S.R of 310.53

Mahesh Jain (LA Spartans) – S.R of 300.00

Mayur Kadam (Rhun Tigers) – S.R of 283.33

Mahendra Kothari (Jukega Nahi Sala) – S.R of 273.68


Best Batting Average –

Deepak Chaudhary (Litex Mavericks) – Avg of 87.00 in 4 matches

Mahendra Kothari (Jukega Nai Sala) – Avg of 52.00 in 3 matches

Suraj Bharadwaj (Goldmedal Avengers) – Avg of 52.00 in 4 matches

Mohammad Pathan (LA Spartans) – Avg of 48.00 in 4 matches

Raj Mehta (Light N Lights) – Avg of 40.33 in 4 matches


Highest Individual Scores-

Jayesh Patel (Digitech Old Monks) – 67 runs

Raj Mehta (Light N Lights)– 60 runs

Mahendra Kothari (Jukega Nahi Sala)– 53 runs

Riyaz Malik (Molt Lights)– 51 runs

Preet Jain (Rangelite Warriors)– 51 runs


Top 5 Wicket Takers

Jaynith Jain (Radar Riders) – 8 wkts in 6 matches

Hiren Patel (Digitech Old Monks) – 7 wkts in 4 matches

Amit Kothari (Radar Riders) – 6 wkts in 6 matches

Adi Ranka (Applelite) – 6 wkts in 6 matches

Viral Patel (Reon Red Rangers) – 6 wkts in 6 matches


Best Economy Rate:

Amit Kothari (Radar Riders) – Econ 3.17 in 6 matches

Gaurav Mehta (Digitech Old Monks) – Econ 3.60 in 4 matches

Raval Bhagvandas (Marvel Monsterz) – Econ 3.67 in 3 matches

Divy Jain (Reon Red Rangers) – Econ 4.00 in 6 matches

Jaynith Jain (Radar Riders) – Econ 4.43 in 6 matches


Most Dot Balls

Amit Kothari (Radar Riders) – 25 dot balls in 6 overs

Jaynith Jain (Radar Riders) – 21 dot balls in 7 overs

Akshay Mamidala (Molt Lights) – 19 dot balls in 6 overs

Viral Patel (Reon Red Rangers) – 18 dot balls in 6 overs

Rahul Gupta (Spa Patriots)– 18 dot balls in 5 over


Best Fielders

Shreyansh Shah (Reon Red Rangers) – 9 Dismissals including 4 stumpings in 6 matches

Bhavik Patel (Litex Mavericks) – 5 Dismissals in 4 matches

Hiren Patel (Digitech Old Monks)– 5 Dismissals in 4 matches

Jayesh Jain (Reon Red Rangers)– 5 Dismissals in 6 matches

Salman Khan (Rangelite Warriors) – 5 Dismissals in 4 matches

Lightning and Electrical Sports Group LESG


Lightning and Electrical Sports Group LESG Lightning and Electrical Sports Group LESG

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