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Jinharsh Timken Ador Cup is one of the exciting upcoming leather ball tournaments which will be played in the month of January 2023. It’s a premium leather ball tournament by NSG – Nagdevi Sports Group where in every team will give their best for the coveted Ador Cup. A total of 6 teams will participate in this marquee tournament which will begin from 3rd of January, 2023 while the finals will be a day-night match which will be played on 19th of January, 2023. It will be an exciting season of cricket which will witness some great competition and talents coming out!

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6 Participating Teams:

  • HMS Hard Hitters
  • DPX Dynamites
  • KKE Smashers
  • Vipsa Warriors
  • HE Warriors
  • Tuvx Toofani

Some Glimpses below from the Auction Day where Official Team Names, Official Team Jerseys and Trophy Unveiling was conducted.

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