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HFH Cricket Premier League

Holy Family Hospital & Research Centre, Bandra conducts Holy Family Hospital Cricket Premier League Edition’22 for its Internal Departments at St. Andrews Turf Park, Bandra, Mumbai

We all know, to stay in a fast paced metro city like Mumbai, one needs to work and grind a lot. Mumbai is a place of intense competition. Hence, it is very important that workplace/organizations conduct extra-curricular events or activities apart from their work to promote mental health and well being of its employees.

In one such great initiative which is the brain child of of resident doctors of Holy Family Hospital, Bandra & led by Dr. Sr Beena, Executive Director, Holy Family Hospital and Research Center in Bandra recently organized a turf cricket tournament amongst its internal departments to promote team spirit, team bonding and to promote mental well-being of its employees.

For the uninitiated, The Holy Family Hospital is a non profitable charitable hospital situated on Hill Road and is one of the biggest and oldest hospitals in Bandra founded in 1942. Regarded as one of the Top Hospitals of Mumbai, the nursing home was gradually converted into a general hospital for the service of the community first administered by the Medical Mission Sisters and then by the congregration of the Ursuline Sisters of Mary Immaculate.

The turf cricket tournament kickstarted yesterday i.e on 6th of August, 2022 and it witnessed some nail biting performances and amazing matches. The 6 teams were divided as per the various different departments of the hospital and it was a great sight to watch the whole HFH team bond together.

Dr Sr. Beena (Executive Director at HFH Shared – Sports not only keeps your body fit but also helps a lot when it comes to mental health. The very purpose of hosting this tournament is to promote bonding amongst the different departments of the hospital. It’s a selfless activity promoted by Holy Family Hospital which not only promotes good team spirit but also helps in de-stressing our hard working HFH members. The opening day was simply exciting to watch and hoping the best team will win the finals! Whoevers wins the finals, we all are winners at the end of the day because we could bring together the entire HFH family on a single platform through sports!

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