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Batting Gloves

CS & Sons Batting Gloves | Black Edition | Sportsnext

  • DESIGN TYPE: Block split style glove, having 3 split finger for better flexibility
  • TOP LAYER: Overall covered with light weight quality PU with arrow split back design providing elegant and premium looks.
  • PALM: Soft and quality calf leather palm for snug fit and comfort
  • ANTI-WEAR PALM PATCH: Reinforced padded palm patch
  • FINGER PROTECTION (ALL PORTION): High-Density foam with reinforced fiber Inserts on top of every finger for extra protection
  • THUMB PROTECTION: Three-piece HDF with reinforced fibre inserts
  • SIDE BAR PROTECTION: Both hands 3-piece High-Density Foam
  • GUSSET: Mesh gusset for air ventilation
  • INNER COMFORT: Soft towel back on the inside of the back hand for flexibility and comfort
  • WRIST: Double sided 50 mm soft sweat band with branded rubberised over flap having best quality Velcro for loop fastening



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Batting Gloves

Brand: CS & Sons

Sizes Availaible: Adult Regular Size

Condition: Brand New

Color: Stealth Black

Price: Rs 2500/- Includes Shipping

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pair

Country of Origin : Made in India

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